Our goal is to provide a loving Christian environment for your children while you worship with us at Crossroads. Our childcare staff provides a familiar face and loving arms to welcome and comfort your child. We provide this ministry so that parents of young children have an opportunity to worship as “worry free” as possible. All members of our childcare staff are trained in First Aid, CPR and AED procedures.

Sunday worship service
Nine and Eleven

Education Hour
10:15-11:00 a.m. during the program year (September through May)

Thursday Morning Women’s Bible Studies
9:15-11:30 a.m.
Childcare Request Form

Delta Club and Scooter Club – Wednesday Nights
6:00-7:30 p.m.
(for parents volunteering in elementary youth program)
Childcare Request Form

Friday Morning Women’s Bible Studies
9:00-11:30 a.m.
Childcare Request Form

All parents who choose to use the room on a consistent basis will be asked to serve periodically. Others in our congregation who don’t have children in the nursery are invited to serve as well. Worship without worry is a great gift we can give to parents!

Check-in Procedure
A staff person will greet you and check your child in and out each time your child visits the childcare room.

Every child is assigned a number and given a name tag. Parents will be issued the same number and staff members will make sure the numbers match when checking your child out of our care.

For security reasons, we ask that parents avoid coming into the room during check-in and check-out times. During worship vibrating pagers are available so you can worship without worry.

Please label ALL of you child’s belongings (this helps staff and volunteers quickly find special items for your child):

  • Diaper bags
  • Pacifiers
  • Sippy cups
  • Bottles

Well-Child Guidelines 
For the health of the children, volunteers and staff, we ask that your child be free from the following symptoms for 24 hours before entering Childcare:

  • Colds
  • Coughs
  • Fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Rashes
  • Conjunctivitis (pink eye)
  • Chicken pox

We desire Crossroads to be a SAFE and secure place for all children. Everyone who volunteers with children from birth thru 17 years of age is required to undergo a background check and participate in a child safety training. This is a requirement for all volunteers who are involved in ministry with children, youth and those with special needs within the Crossroads campus or outside the building at church-related functions.

For more information, please contact our Childcare Coordinator, Valerie Hawkins