Milestones of Faith

At Crossroads, we have seven different Milestones. Each Milestone is targeted to a specific developmental age group, but, any child and parent(s) of elementary age can register for any one of our Milestones. Each class is offered once during the year.

In every child’s life there are milestones:
…taking those first steps
…the first time a tooth comes out
…the first day of school

There are also milestones in our spiritual life:
… 4K Bible Storybooks
…Singing and leading the Lord’s Prayer
…learning about baptism
…the first time we join our church family at the Communion table
…the day we receive a Bible of our own
…learning about worship
…learning about mission & stewardship

Milestones at Crossroads:
…are beginning places to a rich and growing faith
…are launching places to foster faith development in children and their parents
…are growing places to support parents and the church family in keeping the promises made at baptism

If you and your child would like to participate in any of these Children’s Milestones please contact: Tina Carroll