Each year the preschool is so very blessed by wonderful parents and children. They truly feel like family to us. We are so thankful for the opportunity to be able to help the parents with setting a Godly foundation for their child while preparing his/her heart and mind for kindergarten. We strongly believe that what we do in the classroom is not lost. We are sowing the seed. What is so wonderful is that this seems to be confirmed by the feedback that we have received thus far from current preschool parents.

  • My daughter has gained confidence in the warm and loving environment of CCP. She looks forward to each day; she loves her teachers and the friends she has met there. It is “her” place, where she feels cared for, special and knows she belongs. Being new to the area, it has been a huge source of community for us. The preschool director has gone above and beyond to think of resources and  connections for our family, and I would say that the CCP community has been the most influential reason we love Wisconsin so far. Thank you so much!  Wheeler Family, Toddler Program
  • I love CCP because there is a wonderful connection to the Lord, ample space for learning and playing, an enclosed playground, expansive gymnasium and at the end of the day it feels safe!  Janssen Family, 3K
  • CCP is a wonderful preschool! It is nurturing, organized and creative in its activities. I especially loved and appreciated CCP for my first child, because it helped me navigate preschool for the first time, and we have sent two children since! CCP has a distinct edge on other preschools because it is so committed to showing Jesus to its students. The teachers pray with the children, do Bible stories, and sing songs that all point to Jesus. I love being able to share about CCP with other families! Thanks for all you do!  Bivins Family, 3K
  •  We are so grateful for Crossroads Christian Preschool.  We actually came to CCP from another preschool in the area.  We were able to enroll our son in CCP’s 4K program this year. It has been a fantastic experience thus far, for our son and for us as well. The director is very involved and organized, and does a terrific job of communicating and building community amongst the families. The teachers are amazing – loving and patient. Our son has grown in many ways this year – from printing his name to unpacking/packing his school things in his cubby. It is clear that he is growing academically and gaining independence. The social and spiritual learning has been wonderful to see as well. We would recommend Crossroads Christian Preschool to anyone!   Wudy Family, 4K
  • We continue to be so impressed with Crossroads Christian Preschool. We had originally heard about the program through friends, and were able to get our son in last year when a spot opened up in the 4 year kindergarten. The quality of education and the daily warmth and love he received from the teachers and staff are just a few of the reasons we fell in love with the program. As such, we made the decision to send our daughter to CCP’s 4K program the following year. The preschool program is highly organized and well-run, with excellent communication and a diverse and challenging curriculum. The optional Nature and Science classes really encourage children to explore their world beyond the classroom, and are very complementary to the overall program. Yet the greatest benefits my children received are the Christian values that are imparted and present in everything done at CCP. The children learn bible verses and stories, sing songs, and are always encouraged to treat each other with love and respect. The teachers have a genuine affinity for the children and the work that they do, and this is evident when we walk in every morning and it feels like a big virtual “hug”, even on the coldest Wisconsin day! We will always be grateful for the incomparable preschool experience we had at Crossroads, with so many special memories from these formative years!  Crowley Family, 4K