Gracious Gifts

Alternative Gift Market
Sunday, December 5-19

Gracious Gifts provides a way to honor the significant people in your life while supporting the life-changing work of our ministry partners. Honoring a family member, a teacher, a babysitter, or a friend through this alternative gift market brings hope to the beneficiary, illumination to the recipient, and joy to the giver. It is also an opportunity to call attention to causes that cry out for our compassionate response, both locally and internationally. A vast number of options are available, such as a hammer for Habitat for Humanity, HIV meds for Africa, or a clean water well in Africa. Click here to take a look at some of the many ministries impacted by Gracious Gifts the past 20 years.

Order Online here
Select your agency items, pay securely through myRealm, and receive a detailed receipt.

Paper Order Form & Ministry Description Cards
Paper order forms and ministry description cards will be available beginning Sunday, December 5 at the Gracious Gifts tables in the narthex.

Gracious Gifts Greeting Cards
Celebrating 20 years of alternative gifting at Crossroads, Robb Helf has created a new greeting card for your purchases, available at the Gracious Gifts tables for $1.00 each; also available for purchase in the above order online.

Gracious Gift Ministry Agency Descriptions
To review the various ministries and how they serve the needs of people, click here.

Thanks in advance for your generosity. Contact Dorothy Kelley with questions.