Christmas Joy Offering

Christmas Joy Offering ~ Leadership Past, Present, and Future

The Christmas Joy Offering celebrates the coming of Jesus Christ, the “the perfect gift” of God with us. Jesus arrived in a humble stable in small and insignificant Bethlehem, to lead and teach in truth and love, and bring about God’s salvation to the world. “The perfect gift” indeed!

This year’s Christmas Joy Offering will be received during worship on Sunday, December 16. Special envelopes will be available in the pews beginning December 2, or click here to contribute online through the PC(USA), text JOY to 56512. The Joy Offering is a cherished Presbyterian tradition since the 1930’s.

Devoted and caring leaders have been God’s gifts among us. They have led many of us in the way, equipping us to respond to the grace we have known in Jesus Christ.  As we celebrate Christ’s coming, remembering the profound impact these individuals have had on us, the Christmas Joy Offering provides a way for us to offer a gift in response. 

Honor “the perfect gift” with a gift of your own by supporting those in need of help and hope.

“Every generous act of giving…is from above.” James 1:17