Children’s Worship

Welcome to Children’s Worship!
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Adult-led Children’s Worship is offered to children age 4 through grade 1 during Sunday morning worship at Nine.

Children’s Worship Purpose Statement:
* What it means to worship
* How to worship
* Why it’s important to worship

We desire our children to grow in their relationship with God through Jesus. Children’s Worship is not an “education” class (although certainly the children are learning.) It is a worship service. We do not have “teachers teaching” but we have trained Worship Leaders leading an age appropriate worship time for children. Our ultimate goal is to have children participate in the sanctuary with the entire church family.

Here’s how it works:
• Children are welcome to get a nametag before going into the sanctuary with their parents; nametags are in the hallway near the elevator on the lower level. If you do not see one for your child, please let the office know.
• The service begins with the entire church family worshiping together.
• After the children’s message, parents are asked to escort their children to the Praise and Plays Room to continue their worship experience.  As soon as the worship service is over, parents are asked to come promptly to pick up their children.

During Children’s Worship,
Children’s Worship begins with either a large group time or singing songs of praise, and continues with a multi-sensory Bible story. The story is followed by a “wondering” time, allowing children to verbalize God’s working in their lives. A personal time of responding to God follows. The worship time concludes in a large group with a lit candle and the story read from Scripture, a prayer, and a departing blessing.

There is an emphasis on the church seasons, especially Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, and Pentecost. Children’s Worship uses material originally developed by Sonja Stewart and Jerome Berryman, who were strongly influenced by Maria Montessori.

Contact: Christa Middleton, Director of Children and Family Ministry