We are converting to Realm from October 25-31. Crossroads members, look for an email on November 1 inviting you to log in to Realm.

Crossroads members will not be able to access myCrossroads or the ChurchLife app during this time; they will be replaced by MyRealm and the Realm Connect app.


All Crossroads members who wish to access myCrossroads must first create a login.


Already have a password?

First Timer?



For a tutorial on using myCrossroads click here.

First time here? Read this tutorial on how to create a login and password or click here to watch a video tutorial.

1. Click on the  link above “Create a login.”

2. Find “Need a login?”, press “Click Here”

3. You will be asked to enter your first name, last name, and email address. Enter the information and then click “find me.”


4. You should see a note congratulating you on setting up your account. Once you see that note, check your email to follow the link to create your password.

5. If the system was unable to locate your record, we may have some information incomplete or inaccurate in our records, simply call the church office at 262-242-1670 and we will verify that we have the right information on file.

Tutorial on How to use myCrossroads:

>Choose your preferences

Once you have created a login in myCrossroads go to Home > MyAccount. > Personal Preferences – check the boxes you would like to display in the online directory. The secure directory for Crossroads pastors and staff will initially contain your phone numbers, email addresses, and home address. Using myCrossroads, you can choose to hide some or all of that information. Please note that this online directory will be available to Crossroads members this fall, so if you do not want this information available to your fellow members, please opt-out of these preferences. PLEASE DO NOT DELETE INFORMATION UNLESS IT IS OBSOLETE.

>Update your personal information: Click here to view a video tutorial

To update your personal information go to Home > MyProfile > click on the pencil to edit:


1. for phone numbers, click on the pencil to edit and then select “listed” or “unlisted”
2. for multiple email address, click them individually and check the box as required
3. for address – you may update your address here.

>Add a photo (individual or family):

1. Add a Personal Photo — Home > MyProfile > Edit > Personal Photo
2. Add a Family Photoe — Home > MyProfile > Edit > Family Info

>Click Here for a tutorial on looking up the address, phone number or email address of a member

>Click Here for a tutorial on how to email the members of your church activities or classes.

>Click Here for a tutorial on how to view your giving history and download your tax statements.

>Click Here for a video tutorial on how pledge online.

>Give online and manage your giving from myCrossroads by clicking on the “Giving” tab.

>Register for events from myCrossroads by clicking on “Available Registration” and find your event.

>Small Group Leaders. Click here for a tutorial on how to manage your group.

Having trouble with myCrossroads?

Contact  Louanne Hockstad at 262-242-1670

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