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Welcome to Crossroads
“Through the Holy Spirit, Jesus is calling us to be an intentional Christian community in which all people are invited and welcome, and differences are acknowledged and respected in love and as part of our life together, to the glory of God.”
–Crossroads Community Vision


At Crossroads we are trying to build a loving community that follows Christ in order to reach the community that is all around us—both locally and globally.  We are trying to do this by becoming the kind of church the Bible describes:  a church with relevant teaching, inspiring worship, honest friendships, continual prayer, and compassionate love for all people.

We know that life can be tough and challenging.  You won’t hear easy answers to complex issues here.  We know that following Jesus Christ is not easy to translate or digest in our world.  We also know that the best chance for finding and following God’s love is to do it together as a family of faith.  Together we are learning what it really means to be followers of Jesus Christ. And we hope you choose to visit us.  Whether you’re just starting to ask questions about God or you are an experienced, confident follower of Christ—or any place in between—you are welcome here.

Our prayer for you is that your faith may be vibrant and alive, and that you can find a place to serve Christ in this rapidly changing world.  Following Jesus Christ is just as great an adventure today as it has always been.  Being a faithful disciple, walking in God’s peace, love and justice, is aided by our being part of a stimulating and supportive community of faith.

We hope you will find Crossroads to be a place where you can grow in your journey toward God.  If you’re new, check out the Connect and Serve pages to see the ways you can get involved and connected at Crossroads Presbyterian Church.  The Exploring Membership Class is another way to learn more about Crossroads, its mission, ministry, and polity.

We’re glad you’re here!