Our Deacons

The work of deacons is best done by men and women who are gifted with compassion and empathy.  The office of deacon, as set forth in Scripture, is one of sympathy, witness, and service, after the example of Jesus Christ.

Ministering to those who are in need, to the sick, to the lonely and to anyone who may be in distress both within the Crossroads community and beyond is the primary focus of deacons.

At Crossroads, each deacon is assigned families within a geographical zone and are encouraged to be in relationship with them on a regular and frequent basis.

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Class of 2022Class of 2023Class of 2024
Jennifer Andrae
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Melinda Bootsma
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Karen Barnes
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Jane Armstrong
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Dawn Fuchs
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Nancy Dowling
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Donna Daniels
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Calli Guay
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Erin Goldschmidt
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Doug Hodge
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Carol Perlberg
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Kevin Gwidt
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Laura Hosni
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Carol Radovich
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Lois Hoover
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Wendelin Lockett
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Melinda & Bill McCreedy
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Maria Jarvi
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Shari Van Beek
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Cindy & Steve Shallock
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Rhonda Knecht
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Deb Wolf
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Elaine Wilcox
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Tom Ramsey
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Ella Knox, Youth Deacon Shirley Stang
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Elicia Stern, Youth Deacon Katie Straub
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Karen Taylor
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Deacon Moderator: Nancy Follis
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Home Communion: Shari Van Beek
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Funeral/Memorial: Nancy Follis
Funeral/Memorial: Deb Wolf
Deacon Vice-Mod: Carol Perlberg
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Flower Ministry: Carol Perlberg
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Secretary: Carol Radovich
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Associate Pastor - Scott Samuelson