Crossroads has about 30 full-time and part-time staff. Feel free to contact Crossroads staff if you have questions. If you are unsure whom to contact, call the main church number 262-242-1670, and your message will be forwarded to the appropriate person. Click here to view job openings at Crossroads.

Staff Directory

Todd O'ConnorWorship Ministry Director
Email Todd
ext. 138
Jenee O'ConnorWorship Ministry Associate Director
Email Jenee
ext. 138
Tina Carroll Children's Ministry Director
Email Tina
ext. 127
Dave GarveyYouth Ministry Director
Email Dave
ext. 112
Kim SteffenCongregational Care Director
Email Kim
ext. 114
Tricia LandrumOperations Director
Email Tricia
ext. 115
Maureen LeurquinPreschool Director
Email Maureen
ext. 180
Marilyn MullenHospitality Coordinator
Email Marilyn
ext. 128
Bob Keebler
Jim Lippe
Facility Managers
Email Bob
Email Jim
ext. 135
Louanne HockstadAdministrative Assistant
Email Louanne
ext. 139
Kristine HuntAdministrative Assistant
Email Kristine
ext. 110
Debbie RzentkowskiAdministrative Assistant
Email Debbie
ext. 125
Jessie ReadStaff Accountant
Email Jessie
ext. 177
Valerie HawkinsChildcare Coordinator
Email Valerie
ext. 174