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His House Christian Fellowship is being launched by Phil and Rachel (Stern, and former Crossroads member) Bielak, a ministry to the students of the University of Michigan. The organization’s goal: to win students for Jesus Christ and the gospel; to build them up in their faith through teaching, small groups, prayer, and retreats; and finally, to send them out to influence the world for Christ.

Personal Goal 1:  To share with as many students as possible the hope of salvation in Christ. These young adults will be shaping our world, and we get to help shape them!
Personal Goal 2:  To prepare all students to continue to grow in their faith after graduation by equipping them with the correct tools while they are in school.
Personal Goal 3:  To start developing a thriving international student ministry where there are 130 countries represented by students at U of M!
Let’s pray for them as they pioneer a new chapter and find partners to come alongside them.