Mission: The Foundation’s mission is to encourage and promote a continuing program of gifts and bequests by members and supporters of Crossroads Presbyterian Church in order to fund special requests that are consistent with the mission of the Church.

Items funded are not normally found in the operating budget and include special religious, charitable, education, and benevolent projects, special mission and ministries, and capital improvements. The Foundation is committed to administering such gifts and bequests and income derived therefrom in a financially responsible and stable manner.

Over the years, the Foundation has disbursed funds for youth scholarships,start up expenses for children’s church and Crossroads Preschool, an anesthesia machine in Africa for our missionary’s work, and various capital projects at Crossroads.

History: Crossroads Presbyterian Church Foundation was formed October 12, 1987, and its current operating plan was approved in November 2005 and updated in 2007. The Foundation seeks to encourage and promote long-term giving as a method of continuing our Christian Stewardship after we die. The Foundation operates separately from the general operating fund, where our stewardship pledges pay for the day-to-day operations of Crossroads.

The Foundation manages a reserve of capital, conservatively invested for growth and income. The assets of the funds are set aside and invested so that the interest and capital gains on the principal are utilized for funding special church projects, education, special mission and ministry programs and ministries, and certain capital projects. Typically, these projects are special in nature and are not usually found in the church’s operating budget.

For a list of the historical Foundation disbursements click here.

To Make a Donation :
To give to the Crossroads Foundation online click here.
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To Request Funds: Requests to be funded from Crossroads Presbyterian Church Foundation should not be an expense or capital expenditure that is part of the normal operating budget. Proposals must be approved by Crossroads Session.

The Proposal should contain the following information:
1. Person(s) making Request and contact information
2. Name of Session member sponsoring request
3. Proposal request
4. Background
5. Cost breakdown or budget for the request
6. Explanation of why Crossroads Foundation should fund the request

Submit request to Carol Bird, Operations Director.