Each year the preschool is so very blessed by wonderful parents and children. They truly feel like family to us. We are so thankful for the opportunity to help parents set a Godly foundation for their children while preparing their hearts and minds to become life-long learners. We strongly believe that what we do in the classroom is not lost: we are sowing the seed. What is so wonderful is that this seems to be confirmed by the feedback we have receive from preschool parents.

The 2K program at Crossroads Christian Preschool (CCP) has been such a positive experience for our son! He is so excited for school as he’s greeted each morning by his two nurturing and loving teachers. They foster a positive environment where he has developed both educationally and socially.  The Director at CCP is equally devoted to each child and she runs the program seamlessly. Both the Director and Teachers are always accessible and ensure parents are up to date on what the children are learning or experiencing daily and at a month’s glance.  Whether it’s one-on-one activities with the teachers, group circle time or music class, the kids have so many ways to learn every day. The facility itself is exceptionally clean, modern, and inviting. We are so blessed to have our son at CCP and can’t wait to see how he continues to grow during the second half of the year! Hinz Family


Our daughter has had the most positive experience in the 2K program at Crossroads Christian Preschool. The lead teacher has been great! She is nurturing, kind, patient and helpful. The list goes on! Everything a preschool teacher needs to be!  Kowalkowski Family


Crossroads Christian Preschool has been such a great fit for our family for the past two years. It is a warm, loving, and structured environment that allows the children to grow and thrive spiritually, academically, and socially. The Director and teachers welcome their students with a big smile each morning and really get to know each child on a personal level. The students have developed the sweetest friendships. Our family loves that the program offers a Nature and Science class and Lunch Bunch. The added time in the classroom allows the child extra fun and learning and allows parents more flexibility with work and life obligations. Students coming out of Crossroads will be more than prepared for 4K. We couldn’t be more thrilled with our experience at Crossroads! Bogenschuetz Family


We enrolled our daughter in the 2K class at Crossroads Christian Preschool this fall. I was a little nervous because my daughter was younger than her peers. However, she has really blossomed— she communicates more easily, her vocabulary has grown, and she has developed better control of her emotions throughout the year. Her teachers foster an environment of care and compassion. Our daughter loves being in her close-knit class and asks about her teachers and peers over the weekends. Overall, CCP promotes a sense of community: our family has enjoyed getting to know other preschool families better through the year, too. We are so happy we chose to enroll her in the program this year.  Mills Family


My son’s 4K teacher said that he and two of his friends from Crossroads Preschool, who are now in 4K together, were leading prayer at snack time. She also said our son was WAY MORE prepared socially and academically then others in his class. All thanks to the teachers and director. I also have to add how much you all loved on and accepted our whole family, from greeting myself and all our kids, to knowing their names and interests, it created such a family/community atmosphere, and is something that really makes Crossroads Preschool what it is, and why I recommend it to everyone!  Buday Family


We cannot explain how happy we are to have chosen Crossroads Preschool for 3K for our son. It has been the best “first experience” with school we could have ever hoped for. Thomas absolutely loves school and has grown so much in his maturity and confidence. Loving school from an early age means the world to us and we credit it to the loving and safe environment you have provided. As a mom, I also appreciate the support you have given me. Our family cannot tell you enough how grateful we are for all the wonderful teachers at Crossroads! Terry Family